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As a manufacturer, YOU place high demands on performance.

With the over whelming demand world wide for dental restorations the development of three and five axis CNC milling machines have helped pioneer the efficiency in manufacturing.

The use of carbide Burs to manufacture Copings and Bridges in Zirconia ceramic are replaced often due to the abrasive nature of the ceramic.

With Sierra Dental Tool's Nano-di Milling Burs the tool life is increased up to 10 times standard carbide. Our Nano diamond coating will improve production, decreasing down time and increasing your profits.

Benefits of SDT Nano-di Milling Burs

  • Tool holds edge longer for more defined margins
  • Lower coefficient of friction
  • More desirable surface finish
  • 7 to 10 times life compared to standard tools
  • Less down time

Our commitment to providing the best milling burs for the dental industry goes beyond the highest quality products but extends to responsive customer service.

Nano-di Milling burs are the perfect solution. Contact us and find out how you can implement SDT Nano-di Milling Burs into your process and improve your manufacturing performance today!


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