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TechniciansDental labs build their reputations on quality and craftmanship. Sierra Dental Tool is no different. For over a decade we have brought the highest quality milling tools to the industry. We’ve built our name on providing the most value to dental labs. We make all of our tooling inhouse and utilize the latest in manufacturing and quality control technologies. Sierra Dental Tool’s products are pridefully made from start to finish in the USA. Discerning dental labs want the best. When you choose Sierra Dental Tool as your partner - you know that’s what you will get.

A few of our leading products:

NanoDi: The modern dental lab demands a lot from their tools. Our proprietary diamond coating technology yields up to 10x the life of standard tools.

RazorSharp: These tools boast the sharpest cutting edge in the industry. If you want the best surface finish in PMMA or Wax, these are your “go-to” tools.

TiCo: Milling metal is hard on tools. Our proprietary high temperature coating and optimized geometry helps these tools go the distance.

Tornado: New from Sierra Dental Tool, these tools clean as they cut. Our ChipChannel technology combines with our NanoDi diamond coating to produce a tool that is a cut above the rest.

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What people are saying

We’ve used Sierra NanoDi tools in our digital production for over 7 years. We’ve come to rely on their longevity and predictable performance. Our milling department is fast approaching the million unit mark milled with Sierra tools. Utilizing these tools has been tremendously valuable to our business. We highly recommend them to any lab looking to get more from their milling systems.

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We have been using Sierra Dental Tool’s burs for almost 5 years now and have nothing but good things to say about them and their products. The tool quality is excellent, and the knowledge base and support they offer is next-level, something you won’t find anywhere else.

Digital Dental Leaders

I’ve tried lots of milling burs over the years and Sierra burs have always outperformed. I like to think of them as the “Energizer Bunny of milling burs” The just keep going, going, and going! I’m always quick to recommend them to any other labs I talk to.

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I choose Sierra Dental Tools for use in our Roland DWX-52DCi because of their excellent tool life, consistent & accurate machining results, and their overall great value!

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Not only does Sierra Dental have great products, they also support us with help and knowledge! I love the tools, and I’d like to add that the new WeTeamUp blog site is great too! I’ve picked up some good tips there. Big thumbs up!

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We’ve been using Sierra milling burs for several years now on our VHF Mill. Believe me when I say we have tried less expensive ones to save costs. That didn’t go so well. The Sierra Burs have lasted about twice as long as the cheaper ones, and the cleanliness in which they cut is simply outstanding. No chipping. No lines, just clean! The hard cost might be slightly higher, but the life span and the accuracy far outweigh others on the market.

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Here at Issaquah Dental Lab, we’ve been using the Nano-Di™ Milling Burs from Sierra Dental Tool for the past year. We find these burs to be superior in quality and last significantly longer than other milling burs.

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I have been using the Sierra dental tools for about five years now. I love that I can consistently rely on the tools over time. I would recommend these tools to anyone that is looking for a good option for burs.

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In 2008 we started using Sierra’s diamond tools in our 3M Lava machine and got hooked. The increased performance over the 3M tools was amazing. We’ve saved thousands per year in tool costs ever since. You really can’t argue with the return on investment. To this day we continue to use Sierra tools in our Imes, VHF, and Roland milling machines. If you’ve made the commitment to quality craftsmanship in your lab, using great milling tools is a must. We never hesitate to recommend Sierra’s tools to our friends.

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