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Sierra Dental Tool’s Mission: Help the Dental Lab Industry Thrive.

In 2007, digital technology was just starting to take hold in our industry. Early adopters were beginning to see high levels of success. Systems like 3M’s Lava took off and really changed the landscape. To the observant, it was apparent that this new shift was destined to disrupt the industry long term. The environment was primed for innovation.

This is where founder Mike Wire and his colleague Kary Langer come into the picture. Both of them had very successful ongoing careers in the diamond tooling and ceramics industries. They were aware of the shift in the dental lab industry and had an early insight into the application of this new technology.

Their years of experience in ceramics and tooling allowed them to see a weakness in the new milling processes that were coming out. When you boil it down, all of the investment in machinery, scanners, and new procedures always brings you back to the tool. No matter how fancy your equipment is, the tool is still the business end of the entire process. At the time, tools were not specially designed for dental technology. The designs were borrowed from other industries, which left much to be desired from a performance standpoint. They really were the weakest link. Someone needed to fix it.

This presented an opportunity to help the dental lab industry. There was a need for a better milling tool. Sierra Dental Tool was born out of this need. The goal from the onset has always been to fix the weakest link in dental milling. We knew that labs wanted a high quality, long endurance tool that could deliver quality results consistently. The best way to achieve that would be to develop a true diamond coated tool with optimized geometry for milling dental materials.

Sierra Dental Tool began to work on what would become its flagship product: The NanoDi milling tool. Perfecting such a product was not an easy task. It took over two years of systematic testing, changing, and retesting to come up with a tool that would fill the gap in the market correctly. The end result surpassed expectations. The NanoDi tool was able to last up to 10 times the life of a typical tungsten carbide tool. This meant that a lab could produce over 700 zirconia restorations with one tool set. This would be a game changer for small and large dental labs alike.

When it came time to market the tool, early meetings with Henry Schein fostered a relationship that continues to grow and strengthen today. The team at Henry Schein has been essential to the delivery of our product to the industry. Now, it’s possible for any lab to enjoy the benefits of long lasting diamond tools.

Over the course of the last ten years, Sierra Dental Tool has grown to be the premier supplier of high quality milling tools. We’re not resting on our laurels either. We have continued to develop more specialized tools as dental technology progresses. Currently, we offer tools specially designed to mill all dental materials and are looking forward to what happens next. As always, we stand with the dental lab industry. We are here for the long haul. Our plan is to continue to innovate and develop new products that help the industry as a whole.

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